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Universal Waste Removal

Do I Need Assistance with Universal Waste Removal?

Whether you are dealing with a situation where odor removal is a top concern or you just have some things that need to be disposed of, many people wonder if they need to contact a pro for help with universal waste removal. While the answer to this question may vary depending on your exact situation, here are a few items that need to be disposed of where you may definitely want to connect with a pro.

  • Batteries - Batteries should be disposed of with care. There are many stories where certain types of batteries caused a fire at a recycling plant or landfill. Taking disposal precautions can protect us all from the dangers these fires pose.

  • Pesticides - Pesticides are a special category of products because they were developed to kill pests. Because they have the purpose of killing, they are also dangerous to humans and animals too. They must be disposed of carefully.

  • Mercury-Containing Equipment - Mercury is known for being particularly dangerous and unstable. Letting a pro handle the disposal will give you peace of mind and help protect our environment too.

  • Toxic Chemicals - If you have highly toxic chemicals for cleaning or machinery, you don’t want to just dump those in the landfill. They can seep into the ground and poison our water supply. This can be a serious problem for our environment in the future if we don’t take precautions to stop it today.

If you have any further questions regarding odor removal or universal waste removal, reach out to the team at Prestige Development Services, Inc. We are excited to help you with your project no matter how big or small. Our goal is to reduce your stress level and make sure all your disposal tasks are completed safely and easily. Contact us today for more details.

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