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We can offer the complete remediation and

repair of your home after any disaster.

  • Design and Planning

  • Roof Renovations

  • Foundation Repairs

  • Water and Flood Damage 

  • Siding repair and replacement

  • Windows 

  • Demolition

  • Structural Renovation

  • HVAC Ductwork

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Insulation

  • Drywall


Design & Planning

A post-disaster design and planning strategy is considered vital to the recovery of any community in a post disaster 

environment. When you are 

faced with a major disaster, recovery can be slow and require major rebuilding of the infrastructure, housing, and public areas.


Drywall Replacement

If there is no other damage to the wall, the drywall can be easily replaced.

We can replace entire 4-x-8-foot sheets or just cut out and replace rotted, damaged or mold infested sections


Water Damage Restoration

For damaged sheetrock walls, then stripping all undercoat/

paint/sealing off the wall on both sides, then use heaters and fans with open doors and windows to dry the walls, then prep and finish the walls again. If very water-logged, the plaster might have to come off as well.


Roof Renovation/Replacement

Don't panic depending on the cause and severity of the damage, not all roof damage projects are cut and dry.

For example, it's sometimes possible — and entirely acceptable to repair a roof rather than replace it entirely.

This will depend on the report from the structural engineer.


Attic Reinsulation

Should it be required, we will

re-install the various forms of insulation to the areas of your home that require it.

  • Spray foam insulation 

  • Shredded insulation

  • Fiberglass mats



Sewer problems often provide warning signs that trouble is brewing. Pooling water and septic waste in basements, cellars or crawl spaces are clear signs there is a problem. But other problems can be more discreet, overlooked or mistaken for a common household problem. Cracks in your pipes and lines can cultivate mold.

Basement Framing.jpg

Wall Framing

After flooding  to your home or property, the chance for mold and other bacterial/chemical contaminants may become prevalent. With damage to walls and stud framing it might become necessary to re-frame walls or other affected structures.


Siding Installation

Siding is the protective skin and first line of defense of your home or property. When damaged your home is exposed to the elements. 

We will quickly replace damaged or missing sections to ensure continuous protection of your home.



We perform electrical repairs including replacing wall receptacles and rewiring of fixtures, panels and breaker boxes. 

If you have experienced a disaster in your home or property,

please do not hesitate to contact us.


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