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Lead Paint Abatement

What is Lead Paint Abatement?

Lead paint was banned in the late 1970’s. The reason for this is because it could chip off and people (especially children) might ingest the chips. Additionally, when it is broken down small enough the airborne particles can pose a health hazard too. However, just because it was banned does not mean it disappeared. Some older homes and buildings may still have lead paint.

Lead paint abatement is the act of removing lead paint in a safe way. You would not want to simply cover up lead paint with another paint as it could still chip away in the future. Lead paint abatement completely strips this paint from the walls making the environment safe once again for adults and children alike. This task should always be completed by a professional as it can be dangerous if the task is not completed properly. Talk to an expert if you have questions or concerns about how to get the job done right.

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